The last of 2016’s diocesan roadshows focussing on Wisdom takes place tomorrow evening (Tuesday, November 15) at Liskeard Public Hall.

This year’s ‘Roadshows’ are aimed at encouraging you to delve deeper into your Christian faith with the hope of equipping you to speak out on the big issues affecting our society today. All are welcome to attend the evening, with the focus of the event being health. Podcasts from all the roadshows are available here

Over the six roadshows we will be looking at three topics – health, wealth and wisdom – and encouraging you to ‘think Christianly’ about them. It is hoped that these roadshows will not only inspire a thirst for deeper knowledge but also enable you to feel confident in basing your views about current issues on your faith.

The intention of the evenings will be:

  • To demonstrate that the Christian faith has the capacity to respond thoughtfully to the pressing issues of today, through the three pillars of Scripture, Christian Tradition and God-given human reason and that it can engage in intelligent debate at a local level.
  • To encourage you that Christian truth is broader than a set of credal doctrines and is applicable to “real-life” issues.
  • To give you confidence and resource to engage in reflective conversation and debate with your friends and neighbours and to equip you with “Confidence in the Gospel”.
  • To be a forum in which all may be invited to hear and participate in stimulating debate.

As normal, there will be six roadshows held across the diocese with two roadshows per topic. Each evening will have three parts. An invited panel, which will include either myself or Bishop Chris, a Church Leader and two guests with particular expertise and insight, will form the first part of the evening and will be discussing each topic based on a core scripture and those attending will be invited to ask questions of the panel.

Attendees will then be asked to join a Table Talk session.

You may wish to attend a roadshow further afield based on the topic under discussion. Dates and venues for each topic plus a brief idea of the issues to be explored are below.


Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Thinking Christianly About Everyday Issues

Under the three topics we will be looking at a range of questions including (but not limited to) those below:


  • Is there a “right to health”?
  • Just because we can, does it mean we should?
  • Is physical health the ultimate good? “At least you’ve got your health”
  • What does that say about death and dying?
  • Mental health and personhood


  • What makes a prosperous society? How should we measure prosperity?
  • The widening gap between rich and poor? Is it inevitable? Is it wrong?
  • How far do we go to encourage wealth-creation?
  • What do we do about poverty? Does God have a “bias to the poor?”
  • What’s the point of taxation?



  • What’s the point of education? What is the aim of education?
  • What kind of education do we need to produce the society we want?
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • What role does faith have in education?

The venues are:

November 15      LISKEARD       (Public Hall)

Each Roadshow begins at 7pm and aims to end by 9pm.