Seventy years after the Second World War, a church in Breage has dedicated a lasting memorial for a WW2 Lancaster Bomber pilot from the village.

IMG_3743 alteredCaptain Peter Loat DFC had been churchwarden at St Breaca church for 40
years before he passed away in 2014. A pair of oak communion rails have now been dedicated to his memory. The new rails are part of a larger renovation in the church which has seen the Godolphin Chapel revitalised.

IMG_3753Trefor Bowen, churchwarden at St Breaca, said: “We have been working hard to revitalise the Godolphin Chapel as it has lain somewhat undervalued for a while. We realised it could be put to good use for things like the midweek communion services but it needed a bit of effort to get it ready.”

IMG_3755As well as the pair of communion rails which Trefor made himself, new kneelers were also made by another former churchwarden Audrey Mercer, new chairs were added, a set of bells and an oil painting of Mary and Jesus which had been donated by artist Zoe Cameron.

Trefor said: “The chapel had already been enhanced by the addition of 12 kneelers which had been donated by Mrs Daphne McClure in memory of her late husband. Peter’s son Christopher, who now lives in Canada, donated the materials for the two new long kneelers which Audrey skilfully produced.”

And after nearly a year of work, the chapel was ready.

IMG_3747Trefor said: “Peter didn’t often talk about his wartime experiences unless asked but it was obvious he was a very brave man and someone to whom we all owe a huge debt of gratitude. He was never boastful or arrogant and preferred to put his memories about the war behind him and to move on but he did say that even after all these years he could still hear the throb of those engines in his ears. Peter was a friendly and very welcoming person who always found time to talk about his love for the church so it is great to be able to do this in his memory.”IMG_3756

The lofty granite tower at the church of St Breaca is a familiar landmark for miles around even out to sea and the medieval wall paintings are included within the top 100 Church of England treasures in Britain. Why not become a Friend of St Breaca Church and help to preserve this beautiful building for future generations? You can find out more information by visiting our new website