UPDATE: Bishop Tim has now returned to the diocese but he will continue to blog form time to time and he is still active on twitter. Do pop over and say hello at @BishopTruro

Bishop Tim is currently in Rome to take part in the Roman Catholic Synod on the Family and he has started a blog to document his experiences.

The Bishop has been asked to be the Anglican Fraternal delegate at the synod which will see hundreds of bishops from all over the world gather to discuss various issues.

During the synod, Bishop Tim, who is also President of the Association of Interchurch Families, will have the chance to speak for three minutes as well as working in small groups.

Bishop Tim said: “I will be one of about ten fraternal delegates from the main Christian denominations and traditions.

“I will be listening to contributions which will of course vary enormously. Some will be very much in favour of the suggested changes and the direction of travel. Some will be keen to keep to what they regard as the traditional teaching.

“It will be quite fascinating to observe how the meeting works and what, if anything, happens in public and what happens behind the scenes. I am looking forward to being there and will be fascinated to compare what I know and experience of the Church of England decision making process with what happens in Rome.”

While there Bishop Tim is blogging about his experiences on the diocese website. To read his blog click here

He has also launched himself into the world of Twitter and you can follow him @BishopTruro

Speaking before his Rome adventure, Bishop Tim said: “I will be intrigued to hear whether we can all understand ourselves as related one to another and each of us members of the human family.”