Interested in family history, keen on wild flowers or music? Or simply want to enjoy a cup of tea? DSC01316

The Diocese of Truro (DoT) now has a section on this website called Your Parish where you can see what flower festivals are planned, where you can learn more about local heritage or continue your family tree search or simply enjoy a nice lunch at a church cafe.

We also have information for anyone looking to get married in one of our beautiful churches or for families interested in finding out more about Christenings.
Simply click here to find pages on:

* Family History

* Our Heritage

* Our Cafes

* Christenings

* Getting Married with DOT

* Graveyards and Gardens KR ST Piran 1114 (3)

* Arts & Concerts

* Flower Festivals

* Friends of..

This section is new and growing but if you are interested in any of the above please do pop across and see what the Diocese of Truro has to offer for a summer day out.

CHURCHES: If any churches or parishes would like to add information, photos or a link to your own website please get in touch by clicking here.