caspar service

With the St Piran’s Oratory completed uncovered, hundreds made the walk across the sand dunes at the weekend to see the church and take part in the service which was held there on Sunday afternoon.

Angela Penrose, Chair of the St Piran Trust, said: “We were thrilled with the response which was way beyond our expectations; hundreds of people came throughout Saturday and Sunday. People were also extremely generous and their contributions will help enormously towards the next phase which will be conservation. It was apparently  very moving to hear ‘Amazing Grace’ swell up from the Oratory over the dunes at the end.

“There was  a great communal feeling; people of all ages showed tremendous interest. Everybody wanted to be sure that the Oratory will not be covered up again.”

St Piran Trust believes that the magnificent response over the weekend is a clear demonstration that the people of Cornwall want the Oratory to remain uncovered. Angela added: “We will do everything we can to make sure that  it is conserved sympathetically and remains accessible to all.”