Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective, writes Revd Philip de Grey-Warter

Uncover is about equipping, enabling and enthusing Christians simply to read and discuss Luke’s Gospel with a non-Christian friend in a sort of ‘micro-book group’.

Launched by UCCF (The Christian Unions) in the student world in 2011 and endorsed by the Bishop’s Den panel in February of this year, Uncover has proved to be a most successful evangelism initiative, mobilising thousands of students and bearing fruit in countless professions of faith.

The genius of the project is the high quality resource material, which is attractive, accessible and – above all – enabling. They have produced a ‘Moleskine’-inspired version of the Gospel, with the text on one side of the page and room for jottings on the other.

It includes links to video introductions to 6 possible discussions (‘seeker’ studies specially written by Becky Manley Pippert), as well as to video clips answering common questions that arise from the text (on suffering, science & miracles, the arrogance of the uniqueness of Christ, for example).

There are also individual’s stories of their investigation of the Gospel; and the discussion material ‘See for yourself’ includes 6 strands of evidence with questions, the relevant Gospel text and explanatory notes.

If you have been around Church for a while, you will be familiar with the Gospel accounts as they are read Sunday by Sunday. Uncover is simply a way of inviting a friend to open a copy of Luke’s Gospel with you and to discuss it together – as you might do in a book group or over a newspaper and a cup of coffee.

“What has been staggering is that non-Christians are willing to look at the primary sources.” [Rico Tice, evangelist]

“The joy of it is that it does not need an experienced leader” [Michael Green, evangelist]

“I’ve not seen anything like this in 20 years. It has been quite remarkable – the non-Christians are hungry to do it.” [Richard Cunningham, UCCF director]

In a recent survey (Ed Stetzer, How Unbelievers View the Church, 2009), when asked if they would be willing to read the Bible with a friend if asked, 61% of ‘20-somethings’ said “Yes”; 42% of those aged 30 and above said “Yes”. There is an untapped ‘market’ waiting to be engaged – at least two of every five people we know!

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