This year’s Christian Aid Week is highlighting the plight of those living in war-ravaged countries and the work carried out to help them rebuild their lives and to live a life free from fear.

With house-to-house collections from St Clements to Stoke Climsland, concerts in St Columb Major and Looe, coffee mornings at Porthleven, Probus and Polgooth and town centre collections in Truro, Torpoint and Mullion, churchgoers across Cornwall will be urging the public to support those living in fear this Christian Aid Week (11 – 17 May).

Worldwide more than 45.2 million people are displaced by conflict and more than 1.5 billion are living in conflict-affected countries, according to the United Nations.

South Sudan, featured in the week’s materials, is a country close to Bishop Tim’s heart and he is urging the people of Cornwall to do what they can to support those living in the shadow of war.

Recalling his time visiting Bishop Hilary in the South Sudan, he said: “I remember walking through a market looking at the fresh produce being sold and the happy smiling people all around.

“The scene was one of normality, the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The images from the walk back to the Bishop’s house in Malakal, the heat, the dust, the people warm and friendly, have stayed with me.

“Tragically now Malakal has been the scene of fighting and Bishop Hilary and his family have had to flee their home.

“As we enter Christian Aid Week I am struck by the tragedy of South Sudan and by how quickly apparently normal life can be turned upside down.

“We can go for a walk every day, and as we do we can appreciate the sights and sounds of normal everyday life. That is a luxury not open to so many of the people in South Sudan.

“They are our brothers and sisters; so please pray for them and give generously to assist them in their plight so that they too might be able to once again move towards living a normal life.”

Christian Aid works with partners in many countries faced with ongoing conflict, or the legacy war leaves behind. Places such as South Sudan, Syria and Iraq are regularly in the news, but the charity also works in countries which are still picking up the pieces many years after the fighting has stopped.

The often life-saving work of Christian Aid partners includes providing emergency supplies, such as food, water, medical care and shelter to those who are caught up in the fighting. Partner organisations also offer longer-term support; providing counselling to those affected by trauma, helping people who have lost everything to once again earn a living, and enabling communities to build homes so families can feel safe.

Christian Aid’s regional coordinator for Cornwall, Chris Jadav, said: “War tears lives apart. It leaves people broken, brutalised and afraid. For millions of people across the world conflict is part of their everyday life. It has a huge impact on poverty, destroying lives and communities and preventing people from earning a living.

“This Christian Aid Week, please consider supporting us so we can make a real difference working with partner organisations across the world to tackle violence and build peace and give people the tools to look to a future free from fear.

For more information, visit

or contact Chris Jadav at  or call 07814 131249.



£2.35 could buy a blanket for a returnee to South Sudan,

£9.09 could buy a mosquito net or

£34 could pay for 1,000 mud bricks for building a new house.

To donate £5 text GIVE to 70040 or visit the Christian Aid Week website