There was quite a buzz in Camborne Wesley Methodist Church on Friday 4 April as four schools came together to form the Rainbow Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).

Over 400 pupils from Troon, Penponds, St Meriadoc Nursery, Infant & Primary and St Meriadoc Junior Schools gathered to celebrate what is the first time Church and Community schools have joined together in a MAT in Cornwall, possibly in the whole country.

The guests included Bishop Tim, Revd Steve Wild (chairman of the SW Methodist District), the Mayor of Camborne, and Trust Directors.

After a welcome from Sally Piper, who had co-ordinated the formation of the Rainbow MAT, the programme continued under the masterly direction of Revd Mike Firbank.

After singing ‘Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow’, children and teachers from all the schools spoke of the excitement of working together, playing together and learning from each other.

This was followed by readings and poems about their individual schools and how they will be even better joining together in the Academy.

Bishop Tim spoke of his great joy as everyone came together to celebrate the foundation of the Rainbow MAT. “What could I say?” he asked “But that the best thing is your name … Rainbow.”

He pointed out that one of the characteristics of a rainbow is that you never know where it will end. “So capture the sense of hope and the future,” he said. “Dream dreams and achieve the things you wish for, together.”

Revd Wild continued the theme. “The Rainbow is a wonderful thing,” he said. “It reminds us of the promise from God to love us all. We are never alone. He is with us even at scary times. I wish you all every blessing.”

The celebration ended with prayers, a blessing and everyone joining in with the Rainbow MAT’s own new song, ‘We Belong’. Then once pupils had returned to their schools, many of them took part in the Great Balloon Launch!