July 2013 was a momentous month for the Mission and Ministry Fund (MMF), write Michael Kent and Milly Clare.

A thriving MMF is crucial to ensure the Church can flourish, for the good of our Diocese as a whole. Last month, you contributed £331,433 to the MMF, the highest total for a July for several years.

Not only that, cumulative contributions for the first seven months of 2013 are £1.83M – up 3% on the same period last year. So, whatever you are doing, please keep doing it!

This means we are well on the way to achieving the target of £3.28M for the year, set by your Diocesan Synod representatives when they approved the 2013 Diocesan Budget last November.

We also understand that, for some parishes, financial circumstances make paying MMF very difficult. Please don’t suffer in silence. We are always here to help, not to judge or criticise.

Feel free to contact Parish Finance Officer,  Milly Clare on 01872 274 351 or at melissa.clare@truro.anglican.org at any time.

Finally, the ‘trusty’ cheque remains a welcome means of payment but, for your convenience, we also encourage Internet Banking and offer a Direct Debit collection facility. If you would like to know more about payment options for making MMF contributions, please contact Milly. 


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