On the Church of England website, a Christian Life is defined as ‘one that is lived in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and, in common with other Christians, seeking to deepen that relationship and to follow the way that Jesus taught’.

But who was Jesus and how can we discover more about  his relevance to us in the busyness and turmoil of our daily lives?

Many people visiting this website will be active members of the Church of England in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and already living out their Christian faith as set out in Anglicanism. They may be exploring their discipleship through local resources such as the ‘Way of Life’ or ‘Windows Into…’ courses.

However, many more will be stumbling along through life, trying to make sense of all its highs and lows, still searching and seeking reassurance before they take their first steps towards trusting Jesus and his example as the way forward in their own lives. They want answers to some fundamental questions before committing to a specific pattern of worship and prayer at their local church, welcoming as it may try to be.

There are some great resources available to help people no matter where they are on their Christian journey:


Christianity Explored 


Christian Enquiry Agency

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity