It was aprons on and rolling pins at the ready for Bishop Tim, Methodist District chairman, Revd Steve Wild, Truro Mayor, Cllr Lindsay Southcombe, and Noah Kutukwa, Christian Aid’s programme manager in Zimbabwe, when they battled in the ‘Better Together’ Bake Off at Epiphany House on 13 March.

The contest was organised by Christian Aid South West as part of an event to publicise Christian Aid Week which will run from 12 -18 May.

Whilst the contestants’ bread was baking, Noah Kutukwa gave a presentation entitled ‘Better Together’ in which he highlighted the difficulties faced by the people living in the arid areas of western Zimbabwe.

He focused particularly on the innovative ways in which Christian Aid was helping local communities in Zimbabwe to help themselves conserve and manage their water supplies; such that they could grow not only grow sufficient crops to feed themselves but also to be able to conserve them for leaner times and to sell surpluses on.

The talk over, the bake off contestants gathered in the refectory kitchen at Epiphany House to hear the verdicts of the guest judges. Suffice it to say that Bishop Tim did not win. In fact, he, Steve and Noah couldn’t hold a crust to winner, Lindsay Southgate.

You can hear an interview with Noah Kutukwa and the bake off results being announced on the Sunday Programme on BBC Radio Cornwall between 6 – 9am on 17 March.

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