Walk Cornwall 2 runs from 21 September to 13 October


Final preparations are now in place for Walk Cornwall 2 (Kerdh Kernow 2) – an ecumenical event, that complements the Way of Life initiative.

John Hibberd, senior evangelist from Through Faith Missions (TFM), who is co-ordinating Walk Cornwall 2 says: “2012 was a great year. No mistake. But what will 2013 bring? And what will be happening in our churches?

“No matter how well each of our churches may be doing,” he says, “recent Census information revealed that a large number of people no longer regard themselves as Christian – with many now saying they have ‘no religion’ at all.

“The challenge is clear. This ‘bad news’ calls for the ‘Good News’; with a need for Jesus to be made known in a living and vibrant way, so that many people who’ve never considered him can do so and respond.”

To date over 80 leaders, representing over 100 churches Cornwall, have signed up for Walk Cornwall 2.  

Get a flavour of what’s going on in Walk Cornwall 2 from John Hibberd’s Itinerary

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