Lanlivery Church recently seized the opportunity not only to arouse local enthusiasm for the London Olympics, but to celebrate Cornish champion sportsmen and women, writes Janet Caudwell.

In the church, a wide variety of sports were represented through sporting kit, photographs, text and with flower arrangements designed to complement each sport.

In the rowing section, local man Ed Coode MBE (Olympic gold medallist, Athens, coxless fours) lent us his winning oar and rowing kit; the indoor rowing machine belonged to Lanlivery’s Keith Adams, who was three times British silver medallist over the equivalent of a 2,000 metre course.

The equestrian display was put together with the help of Clare Heslop – one of the Cornish torch bearers – in memory of her sister Jane Gregory who represented Great Britain in dressage.

We unearthed some surprising facts too – did you know that the Cornish rugby team represented Great Britain at the 1908 Olympics and won silver? We had their team photograph, arms folded above very long shorts.

Outside the church, world records for sports involved with length and height were illustrated – the world record holder for the pole vault (Sergei Bubka, Ukraine, 1994) could have jumped over the bunting strung several feet above the church’s high west door (20ft 1.73″).

The exhibition was a triumph of combined effort by church, school, and many local organisations and individuals. Well done Team Lanlivery!