Parish Support webinars

Over 60 people joined in the first of a series of giving webinars in May on Lockdown Resourcefulness, and a further 17 people attended a repeat session.

Run by Christine Salaman and Liz Wallace, the online sessions are aimed at resourcing churches during the Covid lockdown but also to assist them as life slowly returns to normal. The first webinar looked at the Parish Giving scheme and how this can be used effectively, as well as developing online giving and creative ways to give online.

The sessions featured Q&A opportunities and a clear demand for more was highlighted. As a result the team will be delivering weekly session.

July 16: Getting Started with Online & Contactless Giving. Find out more here.

July 30: Running a Giving Programme. Find out more here.

August 6: Communicate your needs – tips to maximise the impact. Find out more here.

August 27: Legacy Stories. Find out more here.

The national church has also produced a new animated video about giving, which can be used in parishes to encourage giving and can be personalised with the methods of giving that are being used in your parish. You can view it here.

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