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Stories of God’s Generosity

Experiencing and Responding to God’s Generosity in St Austell

Converting a public house and a hairdressing salon into a centre for a cafe, children and youth work, church offices, conference and training, social outreach support…etc…etc… has certainly been a means of keeping St Austell Parish on her knees in prayer. We had plans in place for a number of years to extend the church building, but when the opportunity arose to obtain a building directly opposite the church, a vision for the next chapter of mission began to unfold. No one can remember suggesting the purchase, but as we prayed, we became more and more convinced that this was the right plan.

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The Success of PGS during the Pandemic – St Luke’s, Boscoppa

We are a small church with a big heart for serving the poor. For meeting with people where they are (not where we are). But this requires prayer warriors, it requires volunteers giving hours and hours of their time and gifts to see God’s Kingdom come in our community, and it takes money!

St Luke’s financial response to the Covid 19 pandemic was a complete act of God’s grace.

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Cashing in with contactless

One of the things I had previously noticed in St Agnes church before I became treasurer in 2019 was that we have plenty of visitors to our church. Our church sits in the heart of the seaside village, next to the shops and opposite the pub and is open everyday so people are used to shopping and dipping into their purse or wallet when visiting the village. We get a lot of wall safe donations; in 2018 we received over £1,000 this way.

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The Virtues of PGS at St Germans

Paul Gribble, Treasurer of St Germans Group writes:

“We returned to Cornwall and once it became clear that I was coming to this church on a regular basis I was approached to join the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). It was easy to sell me the idea as I had routinely given money by standing order, so as it seemed to have additional benefits I thought little more about it other than filling in the form and signing on the dotted line.

That was until the back end of 2019 when I agreed to take on the role of Treasurer for the parish, and it was then that I started to really appreciate the benefits of the PGS!

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