TM Liskeard

TM Liskeard is based around the vibrant hub of St Martins, a church that has always looked for innovative ways to reach into its community. It’s part of the second phase of Transforming Mission across Cornwall. Like its counterparts across the TM family, TM Liskeard is passionate about making the love of Jesus tangible in everyday life.

TM isn’t an addition but an enhancement of existing work

Transforming Mission isn’t something that has been bolted on to their ministry. Instead TM enhances the work they were already doing.

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Reaching missing generations, especially those who have missed out during the pandemic

One of the initiatives the TM team are working on is a series of worship evenings for younger people. It’s been very successful. It’s not just in fulfilling the TM vision of reaching the missing generations but touching young people’s lives at a time when they’re really struggling. Post-pandemic, our young have lived through extraordinary times. They’ve had their lives disrupted, restricted and put on hold. The work the team’s doing is invaluable to help young people move forward and make sense of what has happened.


Drawing in and reaching out

One of the key learning points that all TM locations are keen to implement is the aim to be resource churches. That will work differently across the centres, as each one is very different to the next, but TM is designed to benefit and revitalise beyond the urban hub. For TM Liskeard, this currently means strengthening the core, drawing people to them, to feed and sustain, then share and revive. It also means reaching into schools, running parenting courses and setting up a Christians Against Poverty Centre. It’s hard to understand that Jesus loves you when stressed out about debt, falling benefits, scarce employment and rising costs.

Transforming Mission is one of the most exciting things to have happened in Christian ministry in Cornwall. The strategically placed locations are like glowing hubs permeating and warming their surrounding areas. God willing, it won’t be too long before all of Cornwall catches this fire.

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Ensuring that children and young people as well as adults are kept safe whilst in our care in an integral part of our diocese life.