Way of life

Way of Life is a tool for disciples within the Diocese of Truro – irrespective of age, tradition, and situation. It’s designed to help us be intentional and disciplined in our walk and talk with God; as pilgrims on the Way. It’s a bit like a packing list for the rucksack we carry as we walk with God.

The four different directions of journeying with God (up, in, with, & out) give us a framework to think about our Christian lives, and to ensure that we seek to be balanced and deliberate in our response to God’s love. Way of Life was originally produced as a flexible and creative ‘rule of life’ for Christians in Cornwall (and can still be used in this way). It has also generated for us a language by which we can speak together about our desire to grow and develop as followers of Jesus Christ. Many of the resources for discipleship produced within the diocese have sprung from, and relate to, this four-fold framework.

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