Leading the way

The ‘Leading the Way’ resources undergird and expand the principles identified within the ‘Way of Life’ framework for discipleship. Whilst the ‘Way of Life’ booklet was intended for individual use and development, we have come to recognise the need for churches to consider the same framework for themselves as a body. Equally, we have come to recognise the need for individuals and churches to look beyond themselves, and see how this framework for discipleship might lead to the flourishing of their local community.

This material might be used by a house-group, a working-party, a PCC, or even a whole congregation. The need to consider a particular area might have arisen through Accompanied Ministry Development, through a perceived need within the congregation, or through a concern of the PCC/ Ministry Team.  If there is not yet a ‘Leading the Way’ resource for a subject matter you are concerned about, please get in touch with someone from the discipleship team.

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